Safe and Accepting Schools

    Our laws and regulations govern how our systems can respond to unwanted behaviour. We want our responses to reflect our core values. Our laws and regulations need to provide a way to effectively change attitudes toward bullying and cyberbullying behaviour. Actions in this area give government, educators, policing agencies, and community groups the authority and tools needed to address bullying and cyberbullying behaviour in our province.

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    New Action:
    Expanding Action:
    2013/14 2014/15
    System Response: Accountability & Responsibility      
    Hire an anti-bullying coordinator    
    Amend the Education Act to ensure all school staff have a duty to report known incidents of severely disruptive behaviour    
    These amendments also require principals to investigate and respond to all known incidents of severely disruptive behaviour, including bullying and cyberbullying    
    Amend the Education Act and Regulations to include bullying and cyberbullying definitions    
    Revise the Nova Scotia School Code of Conduct to align with changes to the act and regulations    
    Adapt all Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission programs and initiatives to recognize the amendments to the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act on transgender issues    
    Legislate point-of-sale intervention to require cell phone companies to distribute educational materials on responsible cell phone use to customers entering a new contract    
    Expand iNSchool to identify scope and prevalence of bullying and cyberbullying through behaviour incident tracking    
    Require all school boards to report annually on incidents of severely disruptive behaviour, including bullying and cyberbullying
    Promote data collection through Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission to help identify the scope of bullying and cyberbullying    
    Improve suicide risk identification    
    Support the development of Gay Straight Alliance Forums in schools    
    Host a symposium for police leaders    
    Implement Adoption Project to improve overall outcomes for children and youth in care by increasing rates of adoption    
    Conduct a gap analysis of the guidance counsellor ratio from P–12    

    * Solid green circles indicate when new actions will start. Open blue circles indicate the expansion of existing actions. This is a multi-year action plan and actions are on-going throughout.