Safe and Accepting Schools

    Before we can change behaviour, we need to raise awareness. We need to change attitudes. We are working with youth and communities to raise awareness and change attitudes towards bullying and cyberbullying behaviour. Actions in this area heighten awareness of bullying and cyberbullying behaviour.

    Checklist Legend:
    New Action:
    Expanding Action:
    2012/13 2013/14 2014/15
    Public Awareness and Education      
    Launch the Unlike Cyberbullying campaign -    
    Deliver an annual conference on bullying and cyberbullying  
    Develop and maintain an anti-bullying website and social media platforms
    Establish a Nova Scotia standard for evidence-based curriculum resources    
    Provide program grants to allow schools to access and implement approved curriculum resources    
    Promote cultural competency by providing professional development opportunities for teachers on meeting the educational needs of African Nova Scotian, First Nations, and immigrant learners
    Develop a mental health unit for Healthy Living–9 curriculum and support teacher training    
    Revise curriculum for Health Education Primary–6 and Healthy Living 7–9    
    Create and identify resources to support the implementation of curriculum changes    
    Provide learning opportunities for educators, community leaders, and youth, including highlighting the topic of bullying as part of the province’s annual Crime Prevention Symposium    
    Update the Guide for Girls publication to include online safety for girls    

    * Solid green circles indicate when new actions will start. Open blue circles indicate the expansion of existing actions. This is a multi-year action plan and actions are on-going throughout.