Safe and Accepting Schools

    We must all work together to address bullying and cyberbullying behaviour. This includes educators, community groups, families, and policing agencies. Actions in this area establish new partnerships and expand existing partnerships.

    Check list Legend:
    New Action:
    Expanding Action:
    2012/13 2013/14 2014/15
    Establish an interdepartmental working committee to track, monitor, and report annually on the action plan’s progress    
    Expand the SchoolsPlus service to co-locate mental health clinicians in schools    
    Re-establish the Nova Scotia Youth Advisory Council
    Expand existing partnerships and explore new ones with universities, community colleges, and private career colleges, and with professional associations, and community and service organizations
    Strengthen partnerships with African Nova Scotian, First Nations, and immigrant community-based organizations to support diversity of learning    
    Strengthen partnership with the Atlantic Ministers Forum Responsible for the Status of Women
    Collaborate to build provincial capacity to respond to human trafficking to raise awareness about victim-centred approaches regarding the sexual exploitation of youth and children
    Facilitate the exchange of knowledge about online child sexual exploitation within the Atlantic Ministers Forum Responsible for the Status of Women
    Support a youth-community-government partnership in an arts-based workshop about girls and bullying with an emphasis on diversity (Mean Girl Monologues)    

    * Solid green circles indicate when new actions will start. Open blue circles indicate the expansion of existing actions. This is a multi-year action plan and actions are on-going throughout.