Safe and Accepting Schools

    Interpersonal relationships are how we get along with others. The ability to develop strong interpersonal relationships is a key skill for getting along in our society. It is key to developing social thinking skills. Social thinking skills enable our children and youth to successfully navigate life. Actions in this area help build stronger relationships.

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    2012/13 2013/14 2014/15
    Interpersonal Relationships      
    Support the Restorative Approaches in Schools initiative to build the tools and resources educators need to transform their schools into restorative schools
    Support the expansion of SchoolsPlus from 12 hub sites to 28 hub sites across the province
    Provide training for school staff in the implementation of the “go-to” educator training that helps to identify mental health problems and mental disorders in the secondary school setting    
    Create Supportive Environments as set out in the Thrive! strategy for a healthier Nova Scotia:  
       Provide after-school programming for youth
       Provide free access to sport and recreation facilities
       Expand the Municipal Physical Activity Leadership Program
    Expand the Strongest Families program to ensure families across the province have access to telephone coaching services that help children with behavioural or anxiety issues and their families to manage these issues    

    * Solid green circles indicate when new actions will start. Open blue circles indicate the expansion of existing actions. This is a multi-year action plan and actions are on-going throughout.